A dynamic business platform enabling profitable sustainable development


Sustainable Lifestyle Scandinavia (SLS) invest in sustainable urban development and sustainable tourism through a fund structure in Luxembourg.

Our funding is primarily sourced via European pension funds and investors represented by family offices looking for good business prospects in emerging markets such as China, which is SLS´s prime market. A part of the financing is also secured via export credits and public equity.

Coming 10-15 years in China approximately 300 million people will move into urban areas.

This is a tremendous challenge and will have large impact on the environment. To tackle these challenges the Chinese government has stated that the country needs to build thousands of new cities to keep up with the demand for urbanization.

As an answer to this demand SLS was formed. We have - based on five decades of Sweden´s experience in tackling environmental issues and sustainable urban & rural development – developed a holistic approach to tackle these challenges.