A dynamic business platform enabling profitable sustainable development


There are two key differences between SLS and other European companies providing sustainable solutions to China. 

We are not a European company trying to understand - and get into - the Chinese market. We are from the start a Swedish-Chinese company with a very well established personal network in the top level of Chinas´ business and financial circles, something that – in this country where personal trust is key - gives us access to decision makers and projects in a natural way. 

We secure our projects by implementing our expertise in impact investments and sustainability in close collaboration with local developers as partners and co-investors. We finance through our fund structure in Luxemburg. By that letting our global partners invest in a structure regulated by European law instead of investing the capital directly into China. 

Sustainable Lifestyle Scandinavia provides benefits to all of the stakeholders in our projects

We provide our shareholders and investors with a stable, long-term commitment and guaranteed ROI. 

We provide our clients with the know-how, the experience, and the financing they need to realize their long term goals. Our sustainable projects provide them with a model for future development, which facilitates adherence to their sustainability requirements

We provide our subcontractors and suppliers with a predictable development path and opportunities for Public Private Partnerships (PPP). 

We provide all of our partners with the added value of being associated with high-profile sustainable development projects in high-growth regions in the world. This generates good-will and new opportunities for better businesses, both for organizations who are already well-established in the world of clean-tech and green buildings, and for those who are just as committed, but are just starting out.