A dynamic business platform enabling profitable sustainable development


Long-term commitments, transparency, trust, stakeholder involvement… These are some of the key components of our holistic approach to sustainable development.

Every project that SLS takes on begins with signing a EU-China Demonstration Project Agreement with our Clients under "the Join Declaration on EU-China Partnership on Urbanisation" and/or "the Sweden-China MoU on Sustainable Urban Development". These agreements provide an official framework for the project, enabling valuable technical and financial support.
We define the extent of the demonstration area – which can cover anything from a few square kilometers to several hundred – and sign a Development Agreement securing ownership and exclusive development rights, and giving us a significant long-term revenue stream and a guaranteed return on investment for our investors.

Projects proceed in 4 major phases:

In the first phase, we work closely with the client to understand the full scope of the project, draw up the master plans based upon the SymbioCity concept, and make an overall assessment of needed solutions and investments to carry out the assignments. We run tightly focused workshops throughout the process so that the needs and demands of all stakeholders are included.

The second phase entails detailed, integrated planning and design of the demonstration project’s infrastructure – including feasibility studies and determination of appropriate sustainable technologies and solutions. Sustainability requirements and guidelines for public and private developers, construction companies, operators and other actors are also finalized. We calculate our budgets and financing needs. 

In the third phase, our subsidiary Sustainable Finance Scandinavia, incorporated in Luxembourg  activates our network of investors and investment advisors to secure the financing through issuing dedicated investment funds that will attract both private equity, and financing through the bank and capital market. A portion of the capital will also come through the EU/China and Sweden/China framework agreements entered into at the outset of the project. National, regional and local authorities will also contribute through normal public financing mechanisms such as export credits.

The fourth phase is implementation under the supervision of the SLS team. We commence the infrastructure sub-projects. Developers, architects, construction companies and other subcontractors are invited to submit proposals based upon the sustainability guidelines. SLS ensures that there is transparency and stakeholder engagement throughout the process.