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Sustainability: The Swedish Way

Pioneers in sustainability
Sweden was an early starter in regard to sustainable thinking. As early as the 1960’s, Sweden recognized that the rapid loss of natural resources had to be confronted. It took a leading role in organizing the first UN conference on the environment – held in Stockholm in 1972. During the oil crisis of the 70’s and 80’s, a tremendous effort was made to find new sources of energy, create new ways to insulate buildings and develop automatic energy saving systems.

Shared responsibility
Sustainable growth is a shared responsibility. Strict environmental legislation and rules provide guidance for developing and preserving manmade environments. The successful cooperation between local, regional and national authorities and private industry, as well as the crucial involvement of every-day citizens, have been key factors in turning ideas of sustainability into reality.In the past decade  sustainability ideas have been  implemented with increasing frequency on a larger scale.

About Sustainability
Here are some links to interesting material on Swedish sustainability thought and real-world initiatives. They inspire and inform our approach to our business, and we hope they will do the same for you!

The Swedish concept for sustainable urban development: The SymbioCity concept saves your environment and money at the same time. The secret: Combine your urban systems and benefit from the synergies.
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Sustainability Swedish Style:
The core principle of sustainable development is that members of one generation should act to conserve resources for future generations. For most Swedes today, sustainability is a way of life.
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Sustainable Housing:
There is set to be as much building over the coming 40 years as has taken place over the whole of human history. That translates into 14,000 apartments per day! If the world is to keep up this pace of building, a switch to new materials and new construction processes will be needed. Wood is going to be part of the solution. 
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Facing the Future:
7 voices on how Sweden has taken on the challenges of sustainable development in both the public and corporate sectors. 
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A report from UNEP
and the Swedish Ministry of the Environment, documenting the projects developed by the Taskforce on Sustainable Lifestyles, led by Sweden from 2005 to 2009. 
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Stockholm Royal Seaport:
Stockholm is transforming an industrial zone into a world class sustainable city district. The City is planning for 12 000 new residents and 35 000 work spaces. 
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Hammarby Sjöstad
has become a required destination for anyone in the world interested in studying how to plan, build and maintain a sustainable urban district.
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